Cyclop specialises in vulnerability testing, security audits and monitoring for e-commerce. We protect your online business from external attacks.

Don’t leave your front door wide open!
Don’t wait until your online data or webshop have been hacked.


Ecommerce security

Security is an urgent matter. Check your site’s vulnerability now!

Online transactions are part and parcel of our daily lives. Competition is fierce, and customers’ expectations are high. You have to be able to meet both challenges: your e-business must be reliable and secure. The applications used by online stores are highly attractive weak spots for cyber criminals looking for credit card numbers, digital identities and any information connecting you to your customers.

Technology Monitoring

Intelligent sites do protect themselves!

Technology is evolving all the time. Hackers are always finding new ways of breaking into computers. The best defence against these intrusions is regular security audits. Cyclop integrates all the latest knowledge about security and hacking techniques. With us, your business is constantly updated and protected.

web security audit

Is your site protected? We will simulate an attack on your web system (pentest).

Our team of specialists will spare no efforts to find and exploit any vulnerabilities in your site’s code, and in the configuration of your network or servers. We will expose all the flaws and infiltrate your systems. We establish what information is accessible to cybercrooks. Our penetration tests (pentests) are extremely realistic, and just as powerful and ingenious as real attacks. The big difference is that, with us, your data or systems are never in danger.

Critical flaw in Magento e-commerce

22 April 2015

Security researchers at Checkpoint have found a critical flaw in Magento, the online shop platform. More than 200’000 websites are based on Magento, the e-commerce system launched and used by Ebay. According to security firm Sucuri, more than half of those websites could be affected by this critical flaw. Impact This vulnerability could allow to… Read more Critical flaw in Magento e-commerce

Vulnerability in Hybris Commerce suite

5 March 2015

VULNERABILITY IN HYBRIS (CVE-2014-8871) A new vulnerability specific to the hybris Commerce Software Suite has been published following a penetration test carried out by RedTeam. A number of versions of hybris Commerce Software Suite 5.x are susceptible to a Directory Traversal vulnerability, which allows attackers to potentially download files. This vulnerability only affects those online stores that… Read more Vulnerability in Hybris Commerce suite

Samba vulnerability

20 February 2015

SAMBA VULNERABILITY (CVE-2015-0240) Samba is one of the most widely used interoperability suites, and allows Linux/Unix systems to access directories, files and devices shared under Windows or in an Active Directory environment. Samba is affected by a critical code execution vulnerability in the smbd file server daemon. All Samba versions from 3.4.0 to 4.2.0rc4 are… Read more Samba vulnerability